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When you hosting, development and design your website with us, you get 100% backup and database maintenance on your website everyday.
Yes, when you host and develop your website us, you are going to have 1 year free SSL certificate.
With our daily backup and database maintenance, coupled with our 1 year free SSL certificate that will be installed on your website, your website will be protected against domain hijackers, website hackers.
The minimum year you can host a website is 1 year and after that you pay for the next year (recurring fee). But customers can decide on the years they wanted to pay for the first payment.
We recommend all our customers to pay at least 80% of the bill giving to them by Mighty-Links Digital Internet Solutions on our quotation form.
At Mighty-Links Digital Internet Solutions, we have different payment options that will be convenience to our customers. Customers can make payment via bank transfer, online payment via 2check.com, paystack.com, and flutterwave.com. We don't accept cash payment.
Our quotation last for 2 months from the date of issuing before another quotation will be issued to the same customer.
Note: Prices might change for the second quotation.
From the date of your 80% payment, your website will be done at least 5 days from the date of payment and will be given to you after the completion of the remaining 20% of your payment.
Yes, you can cancel your website development with us at anytime, but your refund payment will be done after 1-2 months of your cancellation.
Yes, you can still regain your website development even after your cancellation, but charges may apply to the next payment.
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